Fiberglass roofing

GRP fiberglass roofing

Free site visit to advise on the right roofing solution for your needs

Fiberglass roofing works well for all types of commercial, industrial and residential properties. Schedule an appointment with our team so that we can offer you a suitable solution after inspecting your existing roof. We are sure that we can come up with a cost-effective solution to that meets your requirements and budget.

Specially formulated roofing resin

We use specially formulated resins and topcoat to achieve the desired results. Our GRP fiberglass materials are guaranteed last a long time. Contact us for details.

As part of our fiberglass roofing, we handle:  

  • Thermal insulation
  • Waterproofing 
  • Green roofing 
  • Guttering, if required
  • Chimney work, if needed

Lightweight roofing 

GRP roofing is a lightweight solution suitable for most properties. It is also suitable for industrial settings because of its ability to withstand high temperatures and its resistance to chemicals.

Fast installation

GRP roofing can be installed faster than most other roofing solutions. It is easy to work with and we can offer a variety of colours and textures to suit individual preferences. Contact us today.